Fitzpatrick, Karen

Ms. Fitzpatrick


My name is Karen Fitzpatrick, and I am delighted to be a teacher here at Canyon Park Middle School. Prior to coming to Canyon Park, I have been teaching 5th & 6th graders at Lockwood for over twenty years. I have a BS in Psychology/Sociology, and my Master's Degree in Counseling.

My teaching philosophy is that EVERY child can be successful, but some students may need some extra intervention. The best way you can support your child is to be involved in his/her learning. Know what is going on in your student's classroom. I have high expectations for my students, and they always seem to meet my expectations and some go beyond! I am continually blessed with the progress the children make as the school year goes on. It is very exciting!

Personally, I am a Mom and a grandma. Both my boys graduated from Northshore schools. Completing work on time is a life skill, and I expect my students to complete their work on time. I am also always encouraging them to reach for the stars and be proud of doing their best. :) We also have some fun. :P I am always coaching my students to find the balance between work and play, which allows them to be successful, well rounded individuals.

I am looking forward to another EXCELLENT year!

Phone: 425-408-6375 (before or after school only-please!)