Leadership & Washington State History

Colin White

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Here is a little information about me.


I was born in England, grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and earned a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Virginia. I spent a year traveling the world and decided that teaching was the career for me. When I am not at school, I am usually hiking and backpacking, playing tennis, reading, playing guitar, or getting involved in a church project. I've got three brothers and a sister. Tommy and Tracy are twins and are older siblings. Will and Gordon are younger.


Here at Canyon Park Junior High, I teach 7th grade Washington State History and Leadership. I am the Social Studies Department Head. I coach the boys tennis team in the fall and the girls tennis team in the spring.  


I believe that students learn in different ways - some by listening, some by seeing, some by reading, some by doing, some through individual work, some through group work, and most by a combination of two or more learning styles. I want success for every student, and I encourage parents and students to contact me anytime with comments or questions.

Phone: 425.408.6370
Email: cwhite2@nsd.org