We welcome you to come and volunteer here at CPMS. We have a wonderful staff here. We also like to involved with our community. What better way to bring together our school and the family it serves than to come and volunteer. Below you will find a link to the forms you need to be apart of that experience.

Volunteering with a PTA/PTSA after-school program?

Individuals volunteering in a PTA/PTSA sponsored after-school program do not complete the district's volunteer paperwork. The PTA/PTSA is responsible for these volunteers, not the school district. Please check with the school's PTA/PTSA for its volunteer requirements.

Volunteering opportunities

We encourage family, business and community members to become actively involved in the education of our young people.

Anyone wishing to volunteer, partner with our schools, provide resources to our schools or contribute to educational decision-making is encouraged to please complete a and return a volunteer application that can be picked up in the main office. The forms can also be downloaded from NSD main webpage.

Contact Us

Parents/Guardians Contact:

Main Office Secretary 

Debbie Fisher 

(425) 408-6303

Community Members Contact: 

District Partnerships Coordinator

(425) 408-7673