School Supplies

Supplies for the 2020-21 School Year


Every year the Northshore School District and Canyon Park evaluates the list of needed school supplies for students to bring.  In recent years we have worked to reduce the amount of money and time parents spend purchasing items, while still providing those basics needed for academic success.  This year, as we start in an online format in the midst of a pandemic, that task seems even more important.  


At this time we ask that all students have at their disposal: 

  • writing utensils (pens and/or pencils)  
  • paper for note taking 
  • a way to organize their subjects.  (ex. bins or boxes, a notebook, an accordion folder 
  • highlighters 
  • Specific classes may also have additional items that will be used for specific classes.  These include: 
    • Diversified Arts: Music: Instrument and assorted accessories, music stand 
    • Diversified Arts: Art: Ruler, scissors. Year-long Art: 2 old t-shirts per student; old hardbound book that can be “repurposed” – cut, colored in, glued in 
    • Social Studies: Colored Pencils 
    • Special Education:  Students being served with an IEP do need school supplies requested from these classes 
    • Science: Graph paper, and a ruler 


It is important to us that these items not create a burden on family budgets.  For the past 18 years the Northshore Schools Foundation has collected, organized, and distributed school supplies to families who have needed them.  We want to thank NSF as well as the many businesses, families, and individuals who have contributed.  If you would like to order supplies from NSF, please use the following link: