The district attendance system has recently been updated to notify parents/guardians each time a student is marked absent or tardy to a class.  This includes times your student may be in a different class for academic or ASB purposes.  You may choose to turn this feature off through ParentVue.  You will still be notified of any unexcused absences at the end of the day.

Parents can log into their ParentVUE account and opt out by unchecking this setting on the My Account tab.


Parent View Attendance

Students arriving late to school at any time during the school day must report to the attendance office before attending any classes. To excuse these late arrivals you can send a note with your student, escort your student to the attendance office, or call the office at 425-408-6300 to let us know.

Please plan ahead for doctor’s appointments and early dismissals by sending a note to the attendance office with your student in the morning before school starts. Your student will receive an early dismissal pass to give to their teacher at the prearranged dismissal time. Pre-planning allows you to pick your child up directly in the front of the school at the appropriate time without having to come into the Attendance Office.This also prevents disruption to the classroom. Students must check back into the office when they return.We understand that sometimes there are last minute appointments. In these cases, please call the main office number 425-408-6300 and choose option 2. We will send an early dismissal pass to your student’s class so they know they will be leaving early. 

You may excuse your student’s absence by calling our 24 hour attendance line 425-408-6310. Reporting your student’s absence before 10:00 a.m. will prevent the automated caller from calling you at home or at work. A signed note or phone call from parents within 48 hours will excuse absences.


Pre-Arranged Absence Request (5 or more days)

For students missing 5 or more days a pre-arranged absence request form must be completed and returned three days prior to the proposed date of departure with a note from a parent/guardian.  Students can pick up the form in the attendance office.

  • Many assignment occur during the class time and unfortunately cannot be made up; however, all assignment given for a pre-arranged absence must be made up upon return.
  • We discourage parents form removing student from school for extended period of time, since their learning will be negatively impacted.
  • A copy of the pre-arranged absence request will be filed with the attendance secretary and must be turned in three days prior to absence.


Direct Attendance Line

(425) 408-6314

Ms. Colette Puoci
Attendance Secretary