Canyon Park ASB Fundraiser: March 13th-April 10th

Canyon Park ASB Fundraiser: March 13th-April 10th

Hello Canyon Park Familiessnap

For this fundraiser, we are utilizing the Snap! Raise fundraising platform. This is a district-approved digital platform that operates in alignment with NSD digital privacy guidelines. You can learn more about Snap! Raise by visiting 

Students have been invited to set up Snap! accounts. Once their accounts are set up, students are asked to work with their parents to input email addresses for trusted friends/family. These contacts are strictly protected and will not be shared by Snap! Raise outside of the fundraising campaign. After students upload their contacts, the Snap! Raise platform takes care of the rest, inviting friends/family to donate to support CPMS on the safe, digital platform. 

Participation in the fundraiser is completely optional. Students are not required to participate in the fundraiser, however, they are highly encouraged to raise funds that benefit all students at Canyon Park.

We appreciate your dedication and look forward to working hard to continue building impactful programs for all of our students!