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Sports Registrations for the 2019-20 school year will open up on Monday, August 5th!  

The Knights Pep Squad is a performance group dedicated to school spirit and team building. The team is a no cut club and learns a variety of different dance styles where we integrate cheers, stunts, tumbling, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and traditional cheer/pom moves. We perform at home basketball games and at pep assemblies. Participation fee and ASB membership required. Both teams will continue to be no cut. To be on the Competition team you must be an active member of the Sideline team.

REGISTRATION: All students will need to register on FinalForms. Be sure you have a sports physical turned into the main office. You must have a sports physical in order to play or try out. Sports physicals are good for two years from the date of the exam. 


Hello, prospective Knight Pep Squad members and parents! We are looking forward to an amazing upcoming season! We will have both a sideline team for basketball and a competition team this year. Both teams are no cut. Here are important dates. Please remember the competition dates are tentative. We will have confirmation of the dates in early October.

Tentative dates for 2019-2020

September 10th - Student information meetings during lunches

September 12th 6pm- Parent information meeting. Mandatory for Competition Team participation.

September 16th- First day of practice.

September 19th- Uniform fittings

October 11th- Placement auditions for Competition team vs. Alternates

January 18th-19th - (Optional) Portland Trailblazer’s trip for both teams (tentative)


Possible competition dates (no dates final on competitions till October)-

(We will go to 3)


December 14th - Holiday Cheer Competition

January 11th - Wintercheer Invitational

January 18th- Sequoia Invitational

January 25th - Junior State Competition

Documents & Forms

Download 2019-20 Cheer Packet Here



Canyon Park Middle School

Pep Squad

Coaches: Dee Allaway-

Cindy Bennett-


“The common denominator for success is work.” - John D. Rockefeller


2019-2020 Pep Squad Packet


Canyon Park Middle School


These guidelines are provided to inform students and parents of the expectations of participating in the cheerleading/dance program at CPMS.  Members on the pep squad teams must be in agreement with these guidelines and must adhere to them during their tenure on the squad.  Team members may not participate in the first official practice until sports physical (delivered to office) and this form is signed and returned to the coaching staff.


The philosophy of the Pep Squad program at CPMS has three major goals: to be a support group for all athletic teams, to encourage school spirit, to strive to be a successful competitive program; and to help our athletes develop qualities that will enable them to achieve success in all future endeavors.


Standards for Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders by title are role-models. Remember that there are people watching everything you say and do. Because of this, CPMS cheerleaders are expected to set high standards for their school and to set a good example for their fellow students. 


To achieve these ends, the members will:

▪  Sign and abide by the provisions of this contract and the Northshore Athletic Code.

▪  Maintain academic and attendance requirements required by the guidelines for school athletes.

▪  Attend all scheduled practices/games/performances, unless previously excused.

▪  Set an example of good behavior at all times (whether in uniform or not) in class, games, and at all school functions (this includes adhering to the school dress code). 

▪  Cooperate with each other and follow the instruction of the pep squad coaches.

*Any violation of the rules outlined in this contract will result in one or more of the following consequences administered at the discretion of the coaches and/or school administration: verbal warning, parent conference, temporary suspension from game(s), or permanent removal from the team.


Points to Remember

▪  In this program we have 2 teams, a sideline team and a competition team. Keep in mind that by nature, the time commitment and demands for the competition team are much greater.

▪  All athletes are required to uphold their commitment to the team.

▪  All fees must be paid by September 20, 2019. Items need to be ordered on this date to arrive in time for performances. No refunds are available after this date.

▪  Everyone must have a solid working knowledge of all cheers, chants, stunts, and routines. 

▪  While we recognize doctor and dental appointments are necessary, every attempt should be made to schedule these appointments around practices and games. 

▪  During game suspensions, the squad member will sit in uniform with the coach/advisor. 


▪  Classroom and social behavior should be exemplary at all times.

▪  If any disciplinary action set forth by administration such as ISS/OSS the following punishment will be rendered:

1.    ISS-Suspension from practice/game the day of ISS.  This will be considered an unexcused absence.

2.    OSS-may result in immediate dismissal or long-term suspension from the team.

▪  Each squad member will treat coaches, game officials, and other athletics staff with respect at all times.  This attitude should also extend to members of this and other cheerleading squads.

▪  Coaches’ discretion will be final regarding inappropriate behavior or attitude.



▪  Student-athletes must be in attendance at school for at least half a day to be eligible to participate in practice or performances for that day. You must be eligible both by grades and attendance to participate.  Unexcused absences from school will be considered an unexcused absence from practice as well.

▪  If you are at school, you are expected to be at practice that day.  We will, to the best of our ability, put together a schedule to assist each member in arranging their schedules.  However, these times can be subject to change.  As quickly as possible, all changes will be communicated and it’s the responsibility of the cheerleader to adjust plans accordingly.

▪  It is the responsibility of the Pep Squad member’s Parent to notify the coaches by phone, or email, of any potential tardy or absence. Unless there is an emergency, a 24 hour notification must be provided to allow the coaches to prepare a revised practice schedule. 

▪  Conflicts with other extracurricular activities must be discussed with coaches previous to start of season. 

▪  Members must arrive at events/practices on time, dressed, and ready to warm-up.  Unless it’s an emergency or the coach is contacted, the entire team will run an additional lap for late members due to the concern that no member will be allowed to run alone.

▪  Practice will usually be three days a week for sideline and a total of 4 days a week for competition. 

▪  September 16th will begin the official start of the season.  Practice for sideline will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays. Competition will practice Fridays as well.

▪  Competition team

1.     An athlete my only miss a total of 2 competition practices before they may be removed from their position on the team. Athletes are expected to be at sideline practices regularly. Excessive absences or tardies will be grounds for removal from their position.

2.     Competitions are on weekends (usually on a Saturday). These can be full day events.

3.     Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from the event.

4.     We are planning for 3 competitions this season.

▪  Coaches will consider the following acceptable reasons for missed practices, games, and appearances:

1.    Injury – The member must still attend practice/games (unless physically unable) but will not participate until medical clearance has been provided.  Doctor’s notes must be specific in nature of injury and restrictions.

2.    Illness – A member may only miss practice with a phone call or email from the parent verifying an illness (mild cramps, headaches, etc. are not considered acceptable illnesses).

3.    Family Emergencies/Funerals.

4.    Class requirement that cannot be fulfilled at another time.

▪  Failure to contact a coach about missing practice for any reason will result in an unexcused absence.

▪  The coach has the discretion to remove the athlete from the team for excessive tardiness and poor attendance.


Practice Expectations

▪  Each child should always remember to bring an ample supply of water with them to every practice regardless of what the practice schedule may be.

▪  Practice attire includes athletic shoes (NO Keds, Converse, or Toms), shorts, t-shirt, hair in a secure ponytail. This must be taken care of before practice time.

▪  Bring all medical needs (inhalers, insulin pumps, epi pins, etc.) to all practices and games.

▪  If the athlete isn’t in proper practice attire they will not be allowed to practice       (counts as unexcused absence).

▪  ALL jewelry must be removed prior to practice/games. No exceptions! (WIAA rule)

▪  Remember, practices are closed to family and friends, unless arranged ahead of time. 

▪  If being picked up from practice by someone else, PLEASE be on time.

▪  Athletes must be picked up within 5 minutes of practice ending time. If consistent tardiness is a problem it could result in dismissal from the team.

▪  Activity buses are available on practice days. No transportation will be provided on game days; it is the parents responsibility to arrange pick-up.

▪  Cell phones should be turned off prior to practice.  Phones may not be checked during water breaks; unless permission is given.


Game Expectations

▪  Arrive early.  Due to safety reasons, you will be benched for a portion of the game if you are excessively late, regardless of the reason. 

▪  Members may not leave the game early without prior approval.

▪  Missing games is unacceptable (unless prearranged).

▪  You are responsible for the upkeep of your uniform.  Uniforms shall be returned to the coach at the end of the season.  Make sure you do not dry clean these uniforms.  They should be washed in cold water and hung to dry.

▪  Athletes are to remain in the cheering area during the game.

▪  Athletes may not socialize with players, crowd members, or parents during the game.

▪  Athletes will only perform stunts that have been perfected and approved by the coach.



▪  Stunting/Tumbling must only take place in the presence of a qualified supervisor. 

▪  NFHS Spirit Rules will be enforced at all times (see



▪  Athletes will be responsible for the items in which they keep (competition jackets, shoes, bows, briefs).

▪  Spirit wear will be available for purchase (optional).

▪  Fundraising may take place.

▪  Any donations made by parents for food supplies/water/etc. during games/events are welcome.


Coach’s Discretion

All Canyon Park Pep Squad rules will be interpreted and carried out by the CPMS Pep  Squad coaches, under the guidance of the CPMS Administration. 


The team rules will remain the same throughout the entire year and will be applied equitably to each squad member.

 No exceptions will be provided to any team member. 

The 2019-2020 CPMS Pep Squad rules and regulations have reviewed and approved by the CPMS Administration.

2019-2020 Canyon Park Middle School

Pep Squad Contract


We understand that the activity of cheerleading involves risk to the participant.  We further acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of this activity there is a possibility that ____________________________ may sustain physical illness or injury in connection with her/his participation.


We hereby accept this risk and we further release Canyon Park Middle School and its representatives from any claims for personal illness or injury that __________________   might sustain during participation in this activity.


We also understand that Canyon Park Middle School has established rules and regulations pertaining to conduct, behavior, and activities of all students and cheerleading participants, by which we must abide during participation in this activity, and that we will be responsible for our own failure to abide by these rules and regulations.


We have been provided with a copy of the Pep Squad guidelines for 2019-2020, and agree to participate in accordance with these expectations.


By signing this form we have read and agree with the CPMS coaching staff’s rules and regulations as they pertain to my child as a member of the CPMS Pep Squad family.

***Please download pdf in the link at top to print and sign forms***





Pep Squad Advisors

Cindy Bennett

Dee Allaway