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Canyon Park Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society recognizes students with exemplary academic achievement, citizenship, leadership, and community involvement. Students work to maintain academic excellence and serve their community by earning volunteer service hours. In order to be considered for annual membership, students must meet all of the core requirements and must apply each school year. Students accepted into Honor Society will be invited via acceptance letter to a formal induction ceremony in May of each school year.


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Attention: Requirements for induction have been revised this year. Please be sure to review these changes thoroughly and attend all meetings to get updated information. 

Download the CPMS 2019-2020 Application 


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*** Students must reapply to Honor Society EVERY year. See the information below for important CHANGES to the application process for the 2019-2020 school year. ***


 Interested students are expected to attend the Honor Society meetings. See the timeline tab for more information on the meeting dates.


  •  Community Service: 10+ hours of verified Community Service Hours

    • Community Service Hours are those which are done for others (not including family members), for which no compensation (monetary or otherwise) has been given.  Hours must be verified with a supervisor’s signature. 

    • Qualifying service hours should earned from May 1, 2019 through April 17, 2020 (the due date of the application).

    • All hours should be recorded on the ONE application, signed by the appropriate supervisors, and submitted on time or earlier than April 17, 2020 by 3:00 pm. 


  •  Community Service at Canyon Park

    • Must participate in at least one opportunity listed on the website and complete form on the back of this application. This service counts toward the total number of community service hours earned. Attendance will be verified. (CP service, Community serve Day (August 25), Threads & Treads, or other school-based opportunities will be made available soon.) 

    • This time will count towards your total community service hours earned.

  •  GPA: 3.5+ Cumulative* GPA

    • Cumulative GPA means all of the semesters that you’ve been at Canyon Park.

    • Check StudentVue for your cumulative GPA.

    • 6th Graders will use only their first semester GPA.

    • 7th and 8th graders will use all of the semesters they have had at Canyon Park to determine their cumulative GPA. 

  • Personal Narrative: 250 – 750 words

    • To be turned in attached to application. 

    • See application for prompt and requirements.

  • Exemplary Citizenship: No detentions, Saturday schools, or suspensions

    • Will be verified with the main office and administration.

    • Appeals for detentions ONLY will be made on a case-by-case basis with the administration. 

    •  It is important to note that just because you submit an appeal, it does not automatically mean you will get into Honor Society.

  • Signed application by student and parent/guardian.

  • ASB Dues                                                                           

    • ASB dues must be paid for the current school year. 

    • Must get signed verification through the main office, with Mrs. Fisher.

Completed application submitted by 3:00 PM, Friday, April 17, 2020.  


Important Dates

2019 - 2020 CPMS National Junior Honor Society: Important Dates

>>>Start earning community service hours beginning in May 1, 2019.<<<


      Tuesdays after school (3:15- 4:30 pm) on the following dates.
      Location TBD, Activity Buses available

  • October 29, 2019

  • January 14, 2020

  • March 24, 2020


  • DUE: April 17, 2020: Complete Applications due by 3:00 PM sharp. 
    NO incomplete or late applications will be considered. NO exceptions.

  • April/May 2020: Acceptance Letters sent out. 

 Induction Ceremony:

  • May 13, 2020: Induction Ceremony at 7:00 pm in the Gym at CPMS (subject to change)

    • Please have students arrive by 6:30 pm.


Induction Ceremony


 May 13, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the CPMS Gymnasium (subject to change)

  • Prior to the ceremony: Honor Society Inductees (students) meet at 6:30 pm to line-up alphabetically (location TBD). 

  • Inductees, please dress appropriately for the occasion (business casual).

  • Parents/Families: Please find a seat in the gym.

  • Reception: Cake and refreshments will be served in the cafeteria after the induction ceremony.

  • Notes: Please carpool, if possible.  

  • All 8th grade inductees will be Knighted at the ceremony.

  • Attendance at the ceremony is NOT mandatory to be inducted into Honor Society.  Certificates will be delivered to absentee students at school after the ceremony.

  • We are looking for parents or siblings willing to volunteer to help us with setup, cleanup, or the distribution of programs, etc. 

Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours are those which are done for others (not including family members), for which no compensation (monetary or otherwise) has been given.  Hours must be verified with a supervisor’s signature.

Current Volunteer Opportunities for 2019-2020:
(This may be updated throughout the year as new opportunities become available; check it often or ask an advisor for help.)

  • Community SERVE Day - Annually in August at schools in Northshore School District.  Online registration is required. Sign up here:   Community SERVE Day 
  • Canyon Park Middle School and Northshore School District Local Elementary Schools- Always a need for volunteers to help with after school Math Club, Chess Club, Tutoring, Reading. Contacting one of your former teachers is a good starting point. 
  • Local Elementary PTA's- Volunteers needed for BBQ's, Science Fairs, Carnivals, Open Houses etc. Call school office to get the name of the local elementary PTA president.
  •  United Way of King County- Countless volunteer opportunities listed from all over King County.  Will provide lists according to interests and location.
  • Homeward Pet Adoption- Volunteers to help care for animals. Ages 13-15 must be accompanied by an adult. Call 425.488.4444 to volunteer.
  • Humane Society- Call 1.425.641.0080 for an information packet on how to volunteer.  Must be 14 years old to 
  • Sister Schools- A local nonprofit that collects school supplies and other donations from local schools and distributes them in Uganda. There are multiple opportunities to get involved. Sorting supplies in the warehouse in Mukilteo during the fall. Assisting with annual Gala on September 28 at the Museum of Flight. Visit the website for more information. 
  • Eastside Baby Corner- Located in Issaquah.  They need volunteers to help receive and store incoming donations, fill clothes orders, sort clothes to be put in bins. Volunteer hours: Monday 7-8:30pm, Thursday 9-11am, Saturday 9-11am. Call 425.865.0234 to volunteer.
  • Hopelink- Located next to Bothell Library. Volunteers needed for a wide variety of things. May have an age requirement. Volunteer at 425.485.6521
  • City of Woodinville- Volunteers always needed for events and projects happening in Woodinville, especially the Woodinville Lights Festival in December.  Call John Markuson, Volunteer Coordinator 425.498.2700 x-298
  • Northshore Senior Center- Call Mimi at 425.486.4564, they have special events you can help with.  Go on your own or with a group of friends and donate your time to the Senior Center. 
  • American Red Cross- Red Cross volunteers provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.  Call 206.323.6565 ext 10211 or visit:
  • Northshore Family Center (Bothell)- Provides a safe and fun place where families and individuals can access diverse resources, learning opportunities and make community connections in North King and South Snohomish counties. Volunteer Coordinator - Aria Davis 425.408.7990



National Junior Honor Society Officers

The Canyon Park Middle School National Junior Honor Society will elect Student Officers for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Honor Society Officer Application 2019-2020 DUE: October 23, 2019

Officer positions will be voted upon at the October meeting by fellow NJSH members. Applicants interested in becoming an officer should meet the following criteria:

All officers need to possess the following traits:

  • Organized – able to maintain accurate records and keep track of important information

  • Responsible – able to follow through on plans, doesn’t procrastinate

  • Dedicated – willing and able to commit your time in order to attend officer meetings and fulfill the duties of your office

  • Enthusiastic – excited about making this chapter the best it can be

All officers are expected to:

  • Meet all of the  Canyon Park Middle School NJHS requirements.

  • Attend all chapter and officer meetings.

  • Make NJHS a priority amongst your responsibilities.

  • Help coordinate and attend the Induction Ceremony on May 13, 2020. 

  • Help to coordinate volunteer opportunities at Canyon Park for chapter members to attend. 


Positions available: 

  • Club President   (Must be a current 7th or 8th grader to apply)

    • Will be asked to have a role at the induction ceremony.

    • Will work closely with advisors to coordinate and run meetings.

    • Help coordinate volunteer opportunities for others.

    • Assist in coordinating applications for induction. 

    • Be asked to read personal narratives of applicants. 


  • Club Vice President   (Must be a current 7th or 8th grader to apply)

    • Will be asked to have a role at the induction ceremony.

    • Will take over President’s responsibilities upon their absence. 

    • Help coordinate volunteer opportunities for others.

    • Maintain attendance records at meetings.

    • Assist in coordinating applications for induction. 

    • Be asked to read personal narratives of applicants. 


  • Secretary

    • Will support the president and vice president and share responsibilities as listed above.

    • Will be asked to have a role at the induction ceremony. 

    • Will scribe notes at all meetings. 

    • Help coordinate volunteer opportunities for others.

    • Communicate important events and dates through the school announcement systems. 

    • Be asked to read personal narratives of applicants. 


Honor Society Officer Application 2019-2020 DUE: October 23, 2019

Honor society officer Application form



Mrs. Linda Dankoff


Miss Liz Silva