Science Olympiad



SCIENCE OLYMPIAD is an academic-based, competitive team focused on several areas of science. Unfortunately, this year, we will not be accepting new members at this time due to the pandemic. Some students who have shown an interest in the team in previous years may be invited to backfill our roster for competition, however. 

Current Science Olympians:
Please plan on attending our meetings: 

Each Monday from 2:30-3:30pm 

*You and your partners will need to coordinate additional meeting times throughout the week to keep up with studying for competition. 

This club will meet on Mondays from now until the last competition (usually in May). Most meetings and studying will be asynchronous and completed independently by our participants.

Note: Not all events will run this year due to social distancing and all events will have the same rule sheets as last year. 

Club Advisors - 

Mrs. Ewing

Miss Silva

Science Olympiad 2021: Division B Event Rules