Game Club


GAME CLUB is an informal club that will have random meeting times.  

  • The best way to follow Game Club is to join our Schoology Page.  

    • Schoology Access Code NHT3-BPMZ-C7D36. 

    • There will be daily (ish) polls.

    • There will be forums where you can be social and meet new friends.

    • There will be news and information about upcoming meetings.  

  • Speaking of meetings… Game Club will meet randomly.  

    • For example, one week 20 people may be invited to play in a Smash Bros tournament.

    • The next week 12 people may be invited to play chess.

    • And then after a week off, 25 people can sign up to play other games.


  • Families need to register students in Final Forms. Parents/guardians complete their section first and then students will have a short section to complete.

Canyon Park Activity Bus: 

*There are only activity bus routes and stops may be different from regular bus stops.Prior to the first meeting, please go to the link to see what bus will be best for you.