Game Club



Great Question!  I think of Game Club as having two parts.  

Part One = An online presence.  Join our Schoology page where there are daily polls and random discussions that you are encouraged to participate in. 

Part Two = About twice a month we meet in person to play various video and board games.  


  • Be a good human!  Be kind :) 

  • If coming to in-person meetings, you need an ASB activities sticker (Check with Ms. Fisher if you need one).

  • There are no attendance requirements - participate when you want, no pressure to ever come to a meeting - you can still enjoy the daily online interactions via schoology.

If you are interested in joining Game Club, start by joining our Schoology page!   Here is the code for the page: Q49X-7564-MWK72

Canyon Park Activity Bus: 

*There are only activity bus routes and stops may be different from regular bus stops.Prior to the first meeting, please go to the link to see what bus will be best for you.