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Google Apps for Parents

  • Northshore School District has the ability to create Google Apps for Education accounts for all students to gain access to the wealth of collaborative tools available through Google Apps (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, plus additional services). These accounts will be used for school related work only including communication for school-related projects, collaboration with peers, storage and access to documents, and interaction with teachers. 

    Why Google Apps?

    Northshore's custom implementation of Google Apps for Education creates a secure and supervised learning environment for all students. Google Apps accounts provide students easy access to work on their documents from any location with an internet connection. Access can be through a computer or almost any mobile device or tablet. The Google Apps environment is a collaborative space for working with other students and teachers on project-based learning allowing for real-time editing and sharing. Google Apps accounts also give students access to personalized tools to help support their organization and communication (email and calendar, etc). 


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    Visit the Google Learning Center for training tutorials on Apps you have access to, like Drive, Gmail, and Calendar!